Tips for Photographing Your Senior Dog

If you have an older dog, you know how special that relationship is. They’ve been with you for years and are a part of your family. You know their personality and quirks, and they know yours. It’s a love and a relationship that you wouldn’t trade for anything.

Senior dogs deserve to be photographed just as much as younger ones. They may not be as active, but having images of your furry best friend in their twilight years is something you’ll cherish long after they’re gone. While professional pet photography is always a great idea, I’ve put together a few tips for photographing your senior dog at home so you can ensure you’ll always have images of them.

Be patient and take your time
Just as you would with a younger dog, let your senior dog’s energy and needs guide your photography. They may need more time to rest or just not be in the mood to be photographed, and that’s fine. Be patient and willing to wait. And while you’re trying to get cute posed portraits, don’t be afraid to snap a few candid shots. You might end up loving these just as much or even more!

The best way to get great photos of your older dog is to photograph them in an environment where they’re comfortable, like your home or backyard or maybe a favorite local park. Just keep in mind that senior dogs can get disoriented, so be wary of letting them off the leash and be sure to keep a close eye on their movements.

Celebrate what your dog loves
Think about how your senior dog likes to spend their time. Maybe they don’t enjoy long walks or play sessions anymore, but there are most likely activities they still enjoy. Find your dog’s favorite spot in the house, whether that’s on a bed or pillow or on the sofa and capture them relaxing. If they love to go on outings with you, bring along a camera to capture their happiness and joy in those moments.

When you take photos of your dog doing their favorite things, you can capture their unique personality and create memories that you can cherish for years to come.

Capture the present moment
You may want to remember your dog as young and vibrant, but there is beauty in their aging body and signs of a life well-lived and well-loved. After all, not every dog has the opportunity to grow old in a loving home, and that’s something worth celebrating in photos of your furry best friend.

Try to avoid using flash when photographing your senior dog, especially if they have cloudy eyes. Instead, focus on natural light from windows or even go out into the backyard to capture images of your dog.

Take photos together
Getting in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, but you’ll regret not having photos of you with your senior dog. The love you share is incredibly special, and it deserves to be captured and remembered. Set your camera on a timer or ask another family member or friend to snap a few photos of the two of you together. These are images you are sure to cherish in the years to come.

Not sure how to pose with your dog? Just be natural! Give them a kiss or pat on the head or snuggle up like you do normally. These photos can end up being little slices of life, which is a beautiful thing to capture.

Don’t wait
It can be easy to put off taking photos with your senior dog, but you never know how much time you have, so just take the photos! Even if you don’t have a professional camera and just use your phone, you’ll be more likely to regret not having photos than you will having blurry ones. Your relationship with your older dog deserves to be celebrated and captured forever, so don’t wait and get those photos today!

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