5 Ways to Capture Amazing Pet Photos

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and families, and they deserve to be included and remembered through their own dog photos. Who doesn’t see their dog sleeping looking all adorable and want to take a picture?

Fortunately, we all have phones handy, but sometimes it can be a challenge to capture a decent photo of your dog, much less a great one. After all, dogs are often quick to move, reluctant to cooperate, and often don’t pay attention to your repeated calls of their name.

I want to help you get better photos of your dog(s) so, I put together these five tips to help you capture the dog pictures you want!

Take advantage of natural light
When it comes to taking photos on your own, one of the easiest ways to get good shots is to incorporate natural light. Whether you take your dog outside to play or just capture images of them near a window, natural light will make your photos brighter and avoid the red-eye that flash photography can cause. Using a flash can also startle your dog right out of whatever comfortable pose they were in, so use natural light whenever possible.

Get on their level
Photos taken of your dog from above can sometimes be cute and charming, but some of the best dog pictures are taken at your dog’s eye level. Don’t be afraid to get down on your knees or even on your stomach to get your camera eye-to-eye with your dog. Shooting from this angle will give your photos a better background than just the floor.

Go where they’re comfortable
Instead of trying to pose your dog in an unnatural position, let them be themselves and express their unique personality for your photos. Take a few shots of your dog sitting in their favorite chair or looking out the window, or take your dog outside to capture images of them playing with a favorite toy. Whatever your dogs spends their day doing, photograph them where they’re most comfortable.

Be patient—and take lots of pictures
Taking photos of your dog requires a lot of patience. Your furry friend may be too excited, and all your photos turn out blurry, but give them time, and they’ll relax. Just keep taking photos from different angles. The more photos you take, the better chance you have of getting some you love!

Surprise them
I don’t mean sneak up behind your dog and say “Boo!” But you can gently interrupt your dog during play by calling their name and, if you’re quick, capture their genuine expression as they turn to you. If you take a photo just as you get your dog’s attention, chances are they will have an alert expression. But even if your dog is a little surprised, you may still get a fun photo of the look on their face!

Capturing great photos of your dogs can be a challenge, and if you want quality images of your furry friend, sometimes the best choice is to hire a professional. A professional dog portrait session is the perfect way to get images you can hang in your home, share with family and friends, and cherish for years to come as a reminder of your relationship with your dog.

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